Chief of Police

Chief 3

Daniel J. Weckesser


Letter From the Chief

The mindset of the police department is to be proactive in our approach when providing police services and police protection to the citizens of our community and the citizens of eastern Knox County. Your police department continues to provide a school resource officer in the Danville Schools for the 2024 school year. We will continue our goal of promoting safety, education, and solid relations between the police and our students. It is vital to establish a rapport with our youth so they feel comfortable with a police officer and can trust, if the need arises, to seek an officer’s assistance. Also for the 2024 school year, we will continue our D.A.R.E. program by our resource officer continuing to educate our youth on the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse along with other training that benefits the students. We currently have a jurisdictional agreement with several local townships that would enable one of our officers should they be passing through one of these townships and view a violation of traffic law, they would be able to make a traffic stop and handle the call as needed. The following named townships are currently the ones we have jurisdiction in; Union, Howard, Jefferson, and Brown. In 2024 we will continue our contract with Apple Valley to provide dedicated police coverage for 40 hours per week. We will continue providing professional police service to our citizens through police patrol, by educating our citizens on the latest crime trends that have affected or could affect our community and assuring our officers are well trained and are prepared to assist you, our citizens to the best of our ability. We encourage you, our citizens, to reach out to us and share your thoughts on how you feel we may be able to serve you better.    

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