Village Office: 512 South Market Street P.O. Box W Danville, Oh 43014 ph. 740-599-6888

The Village of Danville is governed by an elected Mayor and Members of the Village Council


Mayor Joe Mazzari

Mayor Joseph Mazzari III



2019 Clerk Laurie Vess 2019 Council Jeff Furray
Village Clerk / Treasurer - Laurie Vess Council Member - Jeff Furay
2019 Council Darin Durbin 2019 Council Jill Byers
Council President Pro-Tem - Darin Durbin Council Member - Jill Byers
Pat Crow Deb Ridgeway
Council Member Patrick Crow Council Member Deb Ridgeway

  Ross Wind

                 Council Member Ross Wind


   Freedom Jan 2020

               Village Administrator Freedom Desich

       Todd Bender photo

                 Village Zoning Enforcement Officer Todd Bender 

Chief 3  
Police Chief Daniel J. Weckesser  


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